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Company's policy

The Company’s Board of Directors have accepted the following Company Policy and decided to support the development of all activities aiming for the continuous improvement of quality of products and services rendered; living and working environment as well as work health and safety. Company’s Policy, and the fundamentals related to it, are mandatory for all Company’s hierarchy levels, positions and divisions, as well as its all employees, and can only be amended by means of written ordinance issued by the Company’s Board of Directors.

The Company’s Management expects all its employees to provide a maximum support whilst securing all tasks arising from the Company’s Policy.

  • Customer Satisfaction
    The priority in all activities of each and every Company’s employee is to satisfy the needs and requirements of our Customers. It is the Customer who feeds us and therefore the constant monitoring of our Customer’s satisfaction helps us to correct our activities, so that we are able to keep the existing Customers and to acquire further new Customers thanks to the positive references obtained.
  • Product Quality
    Our aim is to offer a faultless product and service to our Customer. This is an endless process which evolves due to the constant increase of Customers’ requirements.
  • Employees Involvement
    The Company Management lays a great emphasis on the satisfaction and motivation of its employees, their professional development and positive perception of their work environment. Each and every employee has to realise how important his work is for the Company’s accomplishment. All managers have to set an example in their approach to quality, occupational health and safety and environmental protection in order to create the right conditions for others.
  • Work processes improvements and prevention
    The objective is to eliminate all faults in our activities. Prevention is more economical than correction of mistakes.
  • Suppliers’ involvement
    It is important to us to involve our Suppliers in our production process. We monitor and control all supplies that enter our production divisions in order to prevent the possibility of a faulty product being made right at the commencement of the production.  Our Suppliers get evaluated regularly.
  • Long-term goals
    Our long term goal is to set up a system which will not allow for a faulty product or service to be made and dispatched. Furthermore to secure health and safety at work for all our employees during all their work operations. The Company is committed to fulfil all legal and other health and safety requirements.
    All activities will focus on the prevention of air and water pollution, the reduction of raw material consumption, waste minimisation, risk prevention, and improvement of work conditions and the surrounding environment.
  • Short–term goals
    All appointed goals must be measurable and evaluable. The short-term goal proposals, in terms of quality, environment and work health and safety, arising from this Policy, are within the competence of the individual Division Directors and these get annually issued by the General Manager’s order. Accepted short-term goals are published on notice boards at each individual department so that all Company’s employees are aware of them.

Ing. Jaromír Semela
General Manager of the Company